July 14, 2024
Shocking Video Shows Cops Shooting Armed Robbery Suspect Dead

Shocking Video Shows Cops Shooting Armed Robbery Suspect Dead

(New York Post) Shocking new footage has emerged of the moment a detective gunned down a robbery suspect waving a rifle from a moving car last month in Arizona.

The Mesa Police Department released footage last week of robbery suspect Ny’Kendreon Pride, 20, walking through a residential neighborhood.

After Pride refused their orders to surrender, a detective in the back seat of the car threw a non-lethal flashbang at him that was meant to disorient him, the bodycam footage showed.

When the suspect then refused orders to get on the ground, the backseat detective fired two bean bag rounds at Pride while a detective in the front seat opened fire with his service rifle, according to the footage.

“The detective saw Pride reach for what he believed was a gun and that’s when he fired his duty weapon,” Detective Brandi George, who narrated the clip, explained.

Pride collapsed on the ground with a Glock in his hand. Police swarmed him and were able to grab the gun after tasing him and deploying pepper ball rounds, the video showed.

Pride, who was wanted in connection with three armed robberies in the prior three days, was pronounced dead at the hospital, according to police.


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