July 23, 2024
MTG Mocks Hunter’s ‘Temper Tantrum’; Threatens Speaker Over Amnesty Deal

MTG Mocks Hunter’s ‘Temper Tantrum’; Threatens Speaker Over Amnesty Deal

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., ridiculed Hunter Biden’s Wednesday appearance during a contempt of Congress committee hearing, likening him to a “child pitching a temper tantrum” when he gets “caught.” 

Greene’s mocking remarks occurred in an interview on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, where host Maria Bartiromo sought a reaction to Hunter Biden popping into a House hearing where members discussed holding the first son in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena. 

However, Hunter Biden quickly left the hearing as Greene was called upon to speak. 

“It was really telling when he left as soon as [House Oversight Committee] Chairman Comer recognized me to speak. He sat there seemingly unfazed when [Rep.] Nancy Mace was chastising him,” Green told Bartiromo on Sunday

“I’ve been going after Hunter for violating the Mann Act, and that’s trafficking women across state lines. And this is a very serious crime, and we have evidence of that on our Oversight Committee through our investigation, and I was going to bring that up, and I think he knew it,” she added. 

The battle between House Republicans and Hunter Biden stems from an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden’s alleged role in the shady business dealings involving his relatives. Biden has largely dismissed the growing evidence that directly contradicts his previous claims he never spoke about business dealings with Hunter Biden. 

Later in the interview, Greene responded to reports that Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans have neared the end of a border bill that many have accused of blatantly greenlighting amnesty and visas for illegal aliens.  

Greene said that she would file a motion to vacate Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., as House speaker if he supports such a contentious deal, which allegedly would increase green cards by 50,000 a year, provide work visas for some illegal aliens and admit 5,000 illegal aliens per day. If passed, the bill would also allocate $60 billion in aid to Ukraine.

“It upset me so much that this is the deal that the Republicans in the Senate are making, and they want to do this in exchange for $60 billion more for I didn’t know.” Greene said. “And that’s why I told Speaker Johnson if he made that deal in exchange for $60 billion for Ukraine, I would vacate the chair and I still stand by those words.”


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