July 15, 2024
Wife of J6 Protestor, Also Veteran, Had Miscarriage after FBI Raided Home

Wife of J6 Protestor, Also Veteran, Had Miscarriage after FBI Raided Home

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) The wife of Chris Kuehne, a decorated Marine veteran convicted on Jan. 6 charges, suffered a miscarriage a day after the FBI raided her home in search of her husband. 

Annette Kuehne recounted the traumatic ordeal during a speech at the Patriot Freedom Project at Trump Bedminster in New Jersey. 

“We could’ve lost our lives,” Annette tearfully shared, adding, “The following day, we lost our baby.”

Her emotional revelation shocked the audience, prompting two individuals to comfort her as she wiped away tears. 

“This has been a difficult time for us as we attempt to recover from the horror, trauma, loss that we experienced,” she expressed. 

Security footage from their home showed heavily armed federal agents forcefully entering their residence during the raid. 

In the video, Annette, visibly stunned, clutched her child close as agents rushed past. The child, visibly distressed, was in tears. 

“I want to share the perception of a four-year-old child. On one occasion our son said, ‘The FBI didn’t pick me. They picked Papa,’” she added. “On another occasion, we heard the sirens of an ambulance. Our said, ‘Mama, I’m scared.’ I felt scared too.” She added, “There are things that trigger us.”

On Feb. 23, 2024, Christopher Kuehne was sentenced to 75 days in federal prison and 24 months of supervised release after pleading guilty to one count of obstruction of law enforcement during a civil disorder.  

Despite assertions from Kuehne’s supporters that he did not commit a violent act on Jan. 6, he was among over 1,300 individuals federally prosecuted in connection with the Jan. 6 protests. 


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