April 13, 2024
What Border? Biden Plans St. Croix Getaway for New Year’s Eve

What Border? Biden Plans St. Croix Getaway for New Year’s Eve

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, are set to depart for the U.S. Virgin Islands on Wednesday to spend the end of the year there, the White House announced on Saturday, according to the New York Post

Although the White House didn’t specify the exact location or duration of Biden’s vacation, this marks his second consecutive New Year’s Eve in St. Croix, a small tropical island within the Virgin Islands.

In 2022, Biden spent the New Year’s eve holiday at an opulent beach-front villa owned by billionaires Bill and Connie Neville, prominent donors who contributed over $10,000 to the Biden campaign in 2020, according to the NY Post.

Biden is no stranger to with luxurious, multi-million-dollar homes. For Thanksgiving, he retreated to the $38.9 million Nantucket compound owned by billionaire David Rubenstein, a longtime ally.

The 2023 vacation announcement follow scathing criticism directed at the Biden administration over widespread illegal immigration, according to the NY Post

A growing number of bipartisan governors and mayors have slammed the Biden administration for mishandling the border crisis

Gov. Katie Hobbs, D-Ariz., deployed the state’s national guard to address rampant illegal border crossings. Similarly, Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas, signed historic legislation empowering state law enforcement to arrest illegal aliens attempting to cross the border.


Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson criticized the federal government for neglecting the crisis affecting Chicago due to unprecedented illegal immigration and New York City Mayor Eric Adams suspended several NYPD recruitments to pay for the taxpayer-funded shelters and services to illegal aliens. 

Even the U.S. Virgin Islands have experienced the impact of illegal immigration.  

According to the Daily Caller, Border Patrol encounters in the Puerto Rico-based Ramey Sector, which also oversees the Virgin Islands, have surpassed 1,600 in fiscal year 2023. This number is significantly higher than the 670 and 356 illegal aliens apprehended in fiscal years 2021 and 2022, respectively.


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