June 24, 2024
Trump’s New Perspective on Locking Hillary Clinton Up: ‘I Beat Her’

Trump’s New Perspective on Locking Hillary Clinton Up: ‘I Beat Her’

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Former President Donald Trump has shared a new perspective on past calls for the prosecution of Democrat Hillary Clinton, stating that taking such action “would have been a terrible thing.” 

During an interview with Fox News’s Fox and Friends Weekend, Trump explained that his views have shifted after facing multiple indictments led by Democratic prosecutors. 

When asked why his DOJ did not pursue criminal charges against Clinton, possibly for mishandling classified documents or campaign finance violations, Trump responded by referencing his 2016 election victory over her. 

“I beat her,” Trump said, according to the Daily Caller’s transcription of the interview. “It’s easier when you win. And I felt — and I could have done it. But I felt it would have been a terrible thing. Then this happened to me. And so, I may feel differently about it. I can’t tell you I can, I’m not sure I can answer the question.” 

Trump also clarified that it was his supporters who initiated the “Lock Her Up!” chants during his rallies.  

“I didn’t say, ‘Lock Her Up,’ but the people would all say, ‘Lock Her Up, Lock Her Up.’ Then we won,” Trump continued. “And I say, and I’ve said pretty openly, I’d say, ‘Alright, come on, just relax. Let’s go, we gotta make our country great.’ And it would have been, think of it, you lock up the wife of a president of the United States…” 

In response to host Rachel Campos-Duffy’s questions about Clinton not facing criminal charges for her campaign payments to the Steele Dossier and falsely claiming it was for research purposes, Trump emphasized a message of unity. 

“You know, people also say, ‘Can you bring the country together?’ And the answer is yes,” Trump said. “Success will bring the country together because I had it together. Before the China virus came in, I had it together. We really had it together. 

Trump’s comments follow his recent conviction for falsifying business records in a criminal trial led by Alvin Bragg, the far left, Soros-tied Manhattan district attorney who campaigned on a promise to indict Trump if elected. 

When asked about potential plans for revenge, Trump stated that “success” would be his form of retaliation—that is, winning the 2024 presidential election. brag


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