July 15, 2024
Trump VP Hopeful JD Vance Calls Out Latest ‘Interference’ Amid 2024

Trump VP Hopeful JD Vance Calls Out Latest ‘Interference’ Amid 2024

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Sen. JD Vance, R-Ohio, on Sunday called out the leftist media for “running interference” ahead of the 2024 presidential election on the topic of Jan. 6. 

Vance appeared for an interview on CBS News’s Face the Nation where he did not mince words in response to questions from host Margaret Brennan.

Brennan claimed, without evidence, that Trump had lied during the Thursday debate about Nancy Pelosi’s responsibility for Jan. 6.

“Margaret, I think the media is running interference on a lot of this stuff,” Vance told the anchor, according to transcripts first cited by the Daily Caller. “We all know and Nancy Pelosi herself has admitted on camera that she could’ve requested more National Guard troops.” 

Vance’s remarks referenced Pelosi’s admission that she failed to secure the Capitol building on Jan. 6. Specifically, Pelosi said in a documentary filmed by her daughter that she takes “responsibility” for not having the National Guard at the Capitol.

Referencing these remarks, Vance reiterated: “She bears some responsibility for the fact that they weren’t there at the Capitol.” 

He added, “We know that the multiple Democratic governors and states and even some Democratic senators and congressmen have tried to pass laws to legalize abortion up until the moment of birth.” 

An overly defensive Brennan jumped in, claiming, “I’ve lost track, sir. I’ve been told the media is on every single side of this and everything’s our fault. But let’s get back to the candidate you’re here to talk about. [Former Acting Secretary of Defense] Chris Miller said 10,000 troops, he was never ordered by the president to send those to the Capitol that day.” 

In response, Vance retorted forcefully, adding, “Nancy Pelosi has said on camera, Margaret, that she bears some responsibility for the fact that the National Guard didn’t play a bigger role and of course we know the speaker of the House has an extraordinary amount of influence over the Capitol police. It’s not in dispute, Margaret.” 

He continued, “More importantly, Joe Biden said that no troops died on his watch even though 13 American service members died thanks to his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.” 


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