July 23, 2024
Red Cross, Other NGOs Offer Detailed Maps of Migration Routes for Illegals

Red Cross, Other NGOs Offer Detailed Maps of Migration Routes for Illegals

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) As the immigration crisis worsens, American-based non-governmental organizations, known as NGOs, have been handing out maps of detailed immigration routes to illegal immigrants entering America, the Independent Sentinel reported.

The maps, which detail the various routes across central America to aspiring illegal immigrants, were initially discovered by the journalism website, Muckraker.

One map was distributed by Amigos Del Tren, or, Friends of the Train—an allusion to a freight train that illegals often ride on their way to the U.S. southern border.

Another map was distributed by the Red Cross, and it shows similar routes, including information about the various stops at which one can find shelter or food.

The Red Cross pamphlet also included information on how to stay healthy, as well as one’s “political rights” when engaged in illegal border crossing.

Of course, the Red Cross has long committed itself to the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion by using diverse talent to “a culture of belonging that acknowledges and appreciates all talents and backgrounds, and received recognition for our efforts.”

The Red Cross was joined by another group of medical professionals who are now trying their hand at globalist politics: Doctors Without Borders.

The group provides immigrants with an extremely detailed map of the various place across Mexico to eat, sleep or otherwise inhabit while on the way to America.

The map also details some American places just across the border that may be desirable locales for illegal immigrants.

According to its website, Doctors Without Borders is an “impartial” organization that recognizes “that diversity, equity, and inclusion are inextricably linked to the success of our medical humanitarian mission.”

Not to be outdone, the United Nations International Organization of Migration also created a map of the various organizations across Mexico that can provide “services” to immigrants on their way to America.


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