June 17, 2024
Michelle Obama Is Terrified About 2024 Election Results

Michelle Obama Is Terrified About 2024 Election Results

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) In a recent episode of one of the establishment podcasts on YouTube, Michelle Obama said that she is terrified of “what could possibly happen” in the 2024 presidential election.

She talked about her fears on Monday on Jay Shetty’s Podcast. The podcast itself seems like an establishment plant since a person who just starts his show on YouTube usually is not able to bring on people like athletes, Hollywood actors, musicians, stand-up comedians and other famous people like Oprah Winfrey right away.

Obama admitted that she was afraid about the upcoming election after the host asked her a related question on the show.

“What is the thing that keeps you up at night now or what is your biggest fear now after having overcome so many?” Shetty asked her.

In response, Obama tried to pretend that she cared more about others than about herself.

“It has less to do with me personally and more to do with the world that we’re in,” she said.

Additionally, Obama talked about the anxieties that come along with being in the White House.

“There’s such a thing as knowing too much and when you’ve been married to the president of the United States, who knows everything about everything in the world — sometimes you just wanna turn it off. What keeps me up are the things that I know,” she said.

Obama also named some of the specific concerns she had, among which were the ongoing wars — even though she and her husband are a part of the establishment that wants to have those wars — AI’s potential impact on people and one of the leftists’ false gods — climate change.

During the podcast, she also started talking about why people aren’t voting anymore.

“Those are the things that keep me up because you don’t have control over them and you wonder where are we in this, where are our hearts? What’s gonna happen in this next election? I am terrified about what could possibly happen because our leaders matter, who we select, who speaks for us, who holds that bully pulpit. It affects us in ways that I think sometimes people take for granted,” Obama said.

She then gaslighted Americans by saying that they don’t know and, therefore, don’t appreciate how “hard” the bureaucrats from the government “work” for them.

“We cannot take this democracy for granted and sometimes I worry that we do. Those are the things that keep me up,” Obama said.


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