July 19, 2024
Only 19% of Biden Voters Say Society Benefits from Marriage, Having Kids

Only 19% of Biden Voters Say Society Benefits from Marriage, Having Kids

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) The Pew Research Center polling revealed that very few Joe Biden supporters think that prioritizing marriage and having children benefits society.

Only 19% of Biden voters said that “society is better off if people make marriage and having children a priority.” In comparison, 59% of Donald Trump supporters and 39% of registered voters overall agreed with the statement.

The results came amid a singleness and loneliness epidemic among young people and the United States continuing to experience the lowest birth rate in a century.

The survey also pointed out “modest differences” between men and women regarding whether focusing on marriage and children improves society.

“About six in ten men who support Trump (63%) say this, compared with 54% of Trump-supporting women. There is a similar gender gap among Biden supporters (22% of men vs. 16% of women),” the survey report stated.

When it came to ethnicity, black Biden voters (29%) were more likely than Asian (20%), white (17%) and Hispanic (16%) Biden supporters to agree that emphasizing marriage and family improves society.

The Pew Research also questioned the respondents about the country’s struggling fertility rate. Overall, voters were largely indifferent to the U.S.’s low birth rate, with 43% saying it is “neither good nor bad for society that people are having fewer children.” Meanwhile, more than a third (35%) said the trend is negative and 22% said having fewer children is good for society.

As expected, Trump supporters were much more likely to view the trend as negative.

“Nearly half of Trump supporters (47%), including a 56% majority of men who support Trump, say it is bad for society that people are having fewer children. Roughly four in ten women who support Trump (37%) see this trend as a bad thing,” the poll’s results stated.

Roughly half of Biden supporters said the trend is “neither good nor bad,” with 27% saying the trend is positive and only 23% saying the trend is bad for society.


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