July 14, 2024
NYC Drivers Terrorized by Illegals in ‘Sickening’ Extortion Scheme

NYC Drivers Terrorized by Illegals in ‘Sickening’ Extortion Scheme

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A chilling new video allegedly shows illegal immigrants jumping in front of moving cars in New York City as part of a scheme to extort money and other perks from drivers, according to the New York Post

This scam, first exposed earlier this year, has been detailed further in the new video footage. A 37-year-old driver named Christina shared her terrifying experience with the Post

“All of the sudden, I see a man in front of my car with eyes wide open, screaming, staring at me in the eye. … He was trying to get me to run him over,” Christina recounted.

“If I was distracted for one split second, or looking down, or if someone was in the left lane, my life would be over… It’s just sickening,” she added. 

The incident occurred on May 6 after 7:30 a.m. Christina suspects the man involved resides at a homeless shelter located in Floyd Bennett Field. 

Three other Rockaway Beach residents have reported similar experiences of attempted extortion, the Post reported. 

“It happened to me . . . in the dark early morning,” one resident wrote on a Facebook post about Christina’s ordeal.  

Another user added, “Someone did this to me outside the 7/11 on Flatbush about three weeks ago.” 

On the same day, another woman reported that “a man jumped in front of my daughter’s car this morning … She was able to brake in time and didn’t hit him.” 

Retired NYPD officer John B. described the scam in an interview with the Post earlier this year, saying, “They’re scaring people saying, ‘You just hit me, and I’m going to report it if you don’t give me the money.’” 

This scheme emerges as New York City faces an unprecedented wave of illegal aliens due to what has been widely described as President Joe Biden’s open border policies. 


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