June 24, 2024
Larry Nassar Allegedly Trading Sexual Favors for Prison Protection

Larry Nassar Allegedly Trading Sexual Favors for Prison Protection

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Convicted child abuser Larry Nassar has reportedly performed sexual favors and paid money to gang members in exchange for protection during his life sentence, according to a former inmate. 

“Larry Nassar has decided… sucking d–k is a better way… of staying alive,” said Grace Pinson, a former inmate who served time at the same prison where Nassar was held, in an interview with the New York Post published Saturday.

Pinson claims that in June 2021, Nassar entered a cell with Mexican gang members at Sumter County, Fla. penitentiary.

As the windows and doors were shut, Pinson believed the group was either doing drugs or engaging in sexual acts. She asserts that Nassar was not involved in drug use and described him as a “scared little church mouse.”

Pinson, a transgender inmate serving 20 years for threatening former President George Bush, stated that Nassar would only leave his cell to visit the chapel.

“He wished he didn’t need those guys,” she said, referring to a conversation with Nassar. “In some ways what they expected of him was worse than the idea of being stabbed and killed.”

According to Pinson, Nassar would pay several hundred dollars for protection, based on her conversations with gang members during her time in jail.

She believed the gang members made Nassar perform sexual favors as a twisted form of retribution for his molestation of young girls.

“Making Larry Nassar suck your d–k in prison — it’s a twisted way of paying him back for what he did to those women,” Pinson said.

Despite paying for protection, Nassar was brutally stabbed by a fellow inmate after making disturbing remarks about tennis players, reported the New York Post.

Pinson explained that the gang members did not intervene in the stabbing because “you’re not going to risk your life for Larry Nassar for a couple of hundred bucks.”

Nassar is serving a life sentence for sexually molesting over 250 girls and women under the guise of medical treatment. 


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