April 13, 2024
Mom Uses Tracking App to Catch Son Having Sex w/ Teacher

Mom Uses Tracking App to Catch Son Having Sex w/ Teacher

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) It was revealed that a mother from North Carolina caught her son having sex with his high school teacher in her car after she used a popular but controversial tracking app to catch him.

The anonymous parent installed the Life 360 app on her son’s phone and became suspicious one day when she was alerted that, instead of being at his rugby practice, he was spending his time near a local park, according to the New York Post.

Mother arrived at the location and found him having sex with his 26-year-old high school teacher Gabriela Cartaya-Neufeld.

The shocked mother took several photos of the teacher’s vehicle and license plate and called the police to the scene. The teacher was taken into custody.

She previously heard rumors of her son’s illicit relationship, so she was already on high alert, police said.

Prosecutors also added that Cartaya-Neufeld, a science teacher, had sex with the teenager not only in her car but also in the mother’s house and her own residence.

For months before the arrest, rumors of the affair had also been flying around the school, which prompted administrators to question both the teen and his teacher the district attorney said at Cartaya-Neufeld’s arraignment.

The teacher was hit with five counts of felony sexual activity with a student by a teacher.

Late last month, the teacher was taken to jail but has since made bail.

“We have many young adults, adolescents, teenagers who do believe they are in a mutually loving relationship, not recognizing that person has groomed them,” Ann Glaser who works for Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center and helps young abuse victims said.

Life 360, the app that has Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randi as a board member, has become increasingly popular with “helicopter” parents who want to monitor their children.

The app has roughly 50 million active monthly users and was expected to pull in earnings of $300 million this year.

However, even though the app is used by many people, many critics say that the app collects information about people who use it.

Human trafficking activists also said that victims are being tracked with the app. The company representatives said that those instances are outliers.


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