July 15, 2024
‘How Can You Not Hit That?’ Wade’s Rancid Interview on Willis Affair

‘How Can You Not Hit That?’ Wade’s Rancid Interview on Willis Affair

(Luis CornelioHeadline USANathan Wade, the disgraced former Fulton County prosecutor, spoke candidly about his affair with District Attorney Fani Willis during a rancid interview on The Daily Show on Comedy Central. 

Interviewed by comedian Marlon Wayans, in character as Quan, Wade faced a barrage of sarcastic yet probing questions. The Media Research Center transcribed the interview, highlighting its contentious nature.

Wayans asked the former prosecutor involved in the Georgia case against former President Donald Trump, “How can you not hit that? How can you not? We spending that much time together, we doing everything, we might as well!”

Wade is currently on a media tour seemingly seeking to rehabilitate his disgraced image after being exposed for his affair with Willis while both led criminal charges against Trump. 

Trump and his co-defendants cited conflicts of interest as a reason to dismiss both prosecutors and throw out the case.  

The presiding judge, Scott F. McAfee, ruled that for the prosecution to continue, Wade needed to quit the case. He complied, but the scandal persisted as the case is currently paused pending an appeal by Trump.

Earlier in the Comedy Central interview, Wayans asked Wade, “What was your first thought when you had the affair with Fani become public between you and here?” 

Defending himself, Wade claimed, “I don’t label it an affair. D.A. Willis is a respectable mother, a brilliant legal mind. We spent countless hours preparing this case, investigating this case.” 

Wayans, maintaining his Quan character, responded, “I see it all happen, countless hours, and I need a foot rub, and, you know what I mean? She rubbed your foot like, ‘Here, let me give you a massage’ and all of a sudden we up on this desk.”

Wade deflected, retorting, “No. Not even close. Not even close. Not even close.” 

When asked whether Wade or Willis initiated the affair, he added, “That’s a great question, right, so during the course of the investigation we would meet early mornings, weekends, spend full days.” 


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