June 24, 2024
MAGA Activist Accuses Michigan GOP Officials of Being Dem. Plant

MAGA Activist Accuses Michigan GOP Officials of Being Dem. Plant

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Investigative journalist Laura Loomer accused Michigan GOP Chairwoman Kristina Karamo of being part of a non-profit named UnAthorized, allegedly aiding non-Republican candidates in securing elected offices. 

Karamo, a conservative activist and staunch critic of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, refuted the allegations. She clarified that her involvement with UnAthorized was unpaid and part of a broader strategy to engage non-conservative spaces.

According to Loomer, UnAthorized, a Nevada-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, assists both Republicans and Democrats. Initial records listed Karamo as the current president, but an UnAthorized spokesperson clarified her departure from the organization.

In a damning report, Loomer claimed that Karamo promoted Democrats while serving as the Michigan GOP chair, potentially “sabotaging” the party ahead of the 2024 presidential election. 

Loomer added, “However, even if it’s incompetence and not intentional sabotage, Karamo’s financial disasters and history with UnAuthorized make it clear that the Michigan GOP must move on with a new chair.” 

The accusation triggered a letter from some of the Michigan GOP district chairs, where they expressed concerns about Karamo’s alleged ties to the Nevada-based non-profit. Dated Dec. 28, the letter suggests a possible violation of the party’s bylaws.

“You publicly stated you were involved with the group several years ago, but had withdrawn when you were elected MRP chair. However, the non-profit was formed after you became chair and records show you retained a leadership position even after your public statement,” the district chairs wrote.

“This is a clear conflict of interest which violates MRP bylaws, something you have been very concerned with having all of us sign forms to prevent,” they added. 

Responding to the district chairs, Karamo rebuked Loomer’s accusations, labeling her intent as “malicious.”

According to a leaked email, Karamo said, “Over the last few days, Laura Loomer has taken to X (formerly Twitter) with malicious intent to disparage my character. She made several deceptive claims regarding my previous affiliation with the UnAthorized non-profit organization.”

Later in the alleged email, Karamo clarified that no MIGOP bylaws were violated and asserted never having received compensation from UnAthorized. 

“We cannot sit in our safe bubbles, operate like a private social club, and expect to win elections,” she continued. “It’s not secret that for the last few decades, the Republican Party has been atrophying.” 


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