June 24, 2024
How Not to Die Filled With Regret

How Not to Die Filled With Regret

Do you want to know what my biggest fear is?

It’s sitting on the porch one day, 60 years from now, regretting the opportunities I turned away from because I was afraid.

I will NOT be that regret-filled, bitter old person.

I won’t let you be either.

Trading can be scary. It’s downright terrifying if you’re new to it. But it’s not the Boogyman. 

With the right help, it’s a skill you can master. 

Now, there are many roads you can follow. One is lined with information overload, reading every book written on the subject, studying, taking courses, even becoming a certified trader. 

The other is as simple as joining me on Pump Up the Close for 30 minutes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:30 a.m. ET… and again for an hour every day in Trade the Close. When we close out each trading day together, I use the indicators that I have mastered – such as the Volume Profile and Fibonacci – and some that I’ve created myself – such as my SEXY indicator – to actually make trades with you. Live. Together.


Lots of effort vs LIVE trading with me? That’s a no-brainer, considering that while we’re trading together, you’re also learning and equipping yourself with the tools you need to trade successfully on your own as well.

And to top it off, you can read these emails from me, where I help you digest the important details you need to focus on at any given time.

For example, today was the perfect day to use a known catalyst to add to your profit stash for the day…

God’s Gift From the Fed

The Federal Reserve released its minutes this afternoon. Those are the institution’s official notes from its most recent meeting, giving investors the information they need to set expectations. Depending on the details – and investors parse out every word, trying to read the “tea leaves” – markets break out or break down.

Regardless of direction, that makes the Fed Minutes a catalyst that you can use to trade profitably using the volume profile, Fibonacci, Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP), and other powerful indicators.

Kenny Glick – The Warlock of Warlock’s World and one of the best traders I know – and I traded today’s Fed Minutes LIVE on MoneyMorning. More than 2,000 people watched the show and many of those traded with us.

They slayed it.

What’s key about catalysts is that they set volume in motion. And when volume is moving, you can trade profitably.

Here is a replay of today’s LIVE trading session with Kenny and me. Watch it. Pay attention to how easy and how profitable it can be to trade when you’re doing it with the right people. All of this will help you understand why trading is nothing to fear.

The biggest takeaway for you today is this: Trading comes with risk. Yes. But, if you do it smartly, and LIVE with professional traders like Kenny and me, Mark and Garrett, Shah and Tom and Chris, you can do so with confidence and profitably. 

You can limit your risk. You don’t need to bet the farm. In fact, NEVER bet the farm. Take small trades, grab the wins, shake off the losses, and keep going. 

At the end of the day, you’ll be padding your account with extra cash that future old you will be thankful for 60 years from now.

Here’s the thing with fear: It’s NOT your friend. 


Dip your toes at first. 

Build your confidence. 

You’ve got this.

Olivia “Voz” Voznenko

Founder, Trade the Close


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