April 14, 2024
Let’s Use My AI To Boost Your Profits

Let’s Use My AI To Boost Your Profits

Dear Reader.

Times are changing and it’s hard to keep up, but technology is something that I’ve found will work for me, not against me – if I’ll just let it.

Back in the 60’s there was a wave of companies adding “tron” to the end of their name to keep up with the times. Then, the 1990’s experienced “dot com” branding, and more recently the mid-2010s buzzed with blockchain businesses.

Now, we’re seeing a technology gold rush in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Financial analysists have estimated nearly 80% of trading is accomplished with (AI), and there’s a growing craze about it, which has caused some stocks to take off like a rocket…

Some companies are finding they simply need to announce they’re “using AI,” and up goes their stock price…

But beware of the “Robinhood” crowd – social media platforms who are only riding the latest fad.

Just look at the chart below to see how some stock prices have rallied in the past few weeks.

A handful of companies have had extreme rallies in their market values recently, but you might question if their business model justifies such erratic stock behavior.

My friend and colleague, Nick Black, over at AICI, has said more than once that AI will be our future, and there’s no debate that it’s creeping into the veins of the stock market…

But, instead of haphazardly trying to identify those companies that will be successful in their quest for AI, I’m taking an alternative approach…

I’m using AI in the fight. I’m using AI to find patterns created by AI trading programs – fighting fire with fire one might say.

Let me show you how you can keep up with the trends without straining any blood vessels.

Let’s talk about how the technology I’m using will help you profit from the raging machines so you’re not left behind.

Grow Your Profits with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

I wouldn’t be surprised if AI is the top Google search in 2023, and we’re sure to hear the buzz in global financial headlines, but here’s my caution…

Beware of companies that exploit AI without knowing what they’re doing – it can lead to an AI bubble that could inevitably burst.

With the growing number of companies out there utilizing AI, it can be difficult to know just which companies to connect with…

And that’s just where using my own AI-driven software can walk the path with you.

As a pattern trader I know it’s a painstaking process to manually research a single stock for patterns, and almost impossible to look back over the years to find patterns in the thousands of available stocks.

So, I’ve used my team of scientists to build software that uses AI to do the work for me. What could take a lifetime to accomplish is literally taking seconds with the use of AI technology.

And the software I’m using isn’t looking for fads or fashionable trends, instead it’s looking for algorithmic patterns created by AI.

It’s patterns in those stocks that I find repeatable we’re concerned with.

Once my software identifies patterns that are repeating themselves, then it simply looks to find opportunity on the next emerging pattern – in other words, the next trading opportunity.

All of my trading strategies utilize AI to find opportunities, and my two newest releases are no exception. Just look below to see what AI technology accomplished for my Quantum Data subscribers since it launched in April.

Quantum Data Scripts is just one program I’m using AI with…

But I’m not done exploiting the power of AI…

Just last month I launched Darknet Trader, which is capable of allowing us to tap into uncharted territory in the stock market, and I’m exploiting previously hidden trading opportunities with massive profit potential.

The good news is you don’t have to feel like you’re being left behind. I don’t expect you to learn how all the technology works because that’s what my team of scientists was paid to do.

No, together our job is to exploit patterns created by AI technology and to profit by allowing it to do the heavy lifting for us. We just simply need to take those opportunities when they present themselves.

Which is exactly what we can do together.

Let’s keep the discussion going…

Join me on Money Morning LIVE each Monday through Wednesday as I continue to show you more ways to profit by having AI work for us.

Until next time,

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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