June 24, 2024
Kamala Harris Mourns ‘Innocent Lives’ Lost During Israeli Rescue Mission

Kamala Harris Mourns ‘Innocent Lives’ Lost During Israeli Rescue Mission

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Vice President Kamala Harris expressed sorrow over the deaths of Gazans during a successful rescue mission that freed four hostages previously held in the Gaza Strip, Fox News reported

In a Saturday speech to the Michigan Democratic Party, Harris stated, “Before I begin, I just say a few words about the morning which I know weighs heavily on all of our hearts.”

Harris continued, “On Oct. 7, Hamas committed a brutal massacre of 1,200 innocent people and abducted 250 hostages. Thankfully, four of those hostages were reunited with their families tonight. And we mourn all of the innocent lives that have been lost in Gaza, including those tragically killed today.” 

Hamas terrorists originally captured the four hostages on October 7 at a desert concert, which abruptly ended as the terrorists stormed southern Israel on the same day.

The four released hostages were Noa Argamani, Andrey Kozlov, Almog Meir Jan and Shlomi Ziv.

Argamani was seen in a widely shared video pleading for her life as Hamas militants took her from the concert into the Gaza Strip.

Kozlov, a Russian national, worked as a security guard at the music festival before being taken to Gaza. Ziv was also a security guard. 

Meir Jan, a 22-year-old, was scheduled to begin a new job at a tech company. On the day of the attack, he texted his mother, “Mom, they closed the festival. There are rockets and shooting everywhere.” 

During her speech, Harris spoke about efforts to end the conflict between Israel and Hamas. 

“We have been working every day to bring an end to this conflict in a way that ensures Israel is secure, brings home all hostages, ends ongoing suffering for Palestinian people and ensures that Palestinians can enjoy their right to self-determination, dignity and freedom,” she claimed, as reported by Fox News.  

“As President Biden said last week, it is time for this war to end,” Harris concluded. 


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