July 19, 2024
Media Lying About Trump’s Felony Convictions

Media Lying About Trump’s Felony Convictions

(Elias Irizarry, Headline USA) Since President Donald Trump’s conviction in a New York trial regarding his Stormy Daniels case, Democrats and the media have sought to capitalize on the occasion —labeling the former President a “convicted felon.”

However, it turns out that Trump isn’t even a convicted felon yet — and he might never be.

Will Scharf, an attorney for Trump, joined Charlie Kirk on Real America’s Voice to defend the former President and caution media outlets about possible consequences for falsely labeling the President a convicted felon.

“Trump is not a convicted felon. A jury verdict is not a final judgment until the moment of sentencing—which now may never occur,” Scharf commented in response to Kirk.

Scharf makes the case that for Trump to be officially a convicted felon, he must be sentenced first. Trump was originally planned to face sentencing from Judge Juan Merchan, who presided over the case, on July 11.

However, following the Supreme Court’s decision in Trump v. United States on 1 July granting Trump immunity in ‘official acts’, Judge Merchan delayed the sentencing to Sept. 18 to allow Trump’s team time to file a motion to dismiss, and for judges to deliberate regarding the new ruling.

Kirk then asked Scharf if Trump would be able to sue the media for defamation in response to their labeling of him as a convicted felon.

“I’m going to watch my words here, but I’ll say that we sued George Stephanopoulos for defamation.” Scharf responded, “If I were folks on the Left, I would choose their words very carefully in the months ahead.”



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