July 19, 2024
Far-Left Daily Beast Collapses, Goes Bankrupt, 70% of Staffers Fired

Far-Left Daily Beast Collapses, Goes Bankrupt, 70% of Staffers Fired

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) The Daily Beast, the far-left propaganda website, started firing its senior editorial team with nearly 70% of unionized staffers leaving the outlet.

The news came after the Beast implemented voluntary buyouts last month, according to the Wrap.

Media reporter Justin Baragona, political investigations reporter Jose Pagliery, senior national reporter Pilar Melendez, senior reporter Emily Shugerman, and many more were among the senior staffers taking buyouts.

Additionally, it was reported that 25 unionized staffers took the buyouts, equivalent to nearly 70% of the guild, including almost all of the outlet’s senior staffers.

Non-union editorial staffers are expecting another round of layoffs at the end of the month, the news source added.

“We’re currently watching the collapse of The Beast. There is no doubt the site won’t be able to recover from this. One of the first lessons of any company: don’t alienate your core customer and piss them off so much they begin to call for a boycott against your firm,” the Wrap’s source said.

At the end of May, the Daily Beast Union announced negotiated voluntary buyouts for staffers after a leadership overhaul. The buyout applications were intended to hit a $1.5 million reduction threshold. Additional cuts are expected as a complete rebuild of the outlet is conducted.

“With such a generous severance offer, we anticipated a large number of employees would take the voluntary buyout. We are not at all surprised. These numbers allow us to move forward with our plan to secure the financial future of the Beast and rebuild a newsroom that will thrive in the current landscape. It’s always difficult when dedicated employees choose to step away. We thank them and wish them the best in their future endeavors,” the Beast’s spokesperson said.

Union members now have a week to accept the buyout or rescind their application, which could impact the number of staffers leaving the Beast.


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