July 15, 2024
Ex-British PM Tony Blair Favored to Replace Retiring Klaus Schwab at WEF

Ex-British PM Tony Blair Favored to Replace Retiring Klaus Schwab at WEF

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) With the recent announcement that Klaus Schwab will retire from his post as executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, some have speculated that former British prime minister Tony Blair might be Schwab’s successor, the European Conservative reported.

Schwab, who founded the WEF in 1971, will step down and take on a new role as the chair of the body’s board of trustees. He announced his forthcoming retirement in an email to WEF staff on Tuesday.

The group is perhaps best known for its annual consortium of globalist elites each January in the Swiss resort town of Davos, although it has now become notorious for its other year-round social-engineering pursuits.

A WEF spokesman issued a statement noting that the organization is “transforming” itself in a “planned governance evolution from a founder-managed organisation to one where a president and managing board assume full executive responsibility.”

As the organization is reformed, Blair has emerged as one potential candidate for the position, according to a 2023 Politico report.

Blair—whose tenure overlapped with the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush presidencies in the U.S.—has gained popularity among elites as a former longtime leader of the Labour Party in the UK, having enacted policies as prime minister that have since flooded the nation with foreign immigrants and facilitated globalist economic reforms.

But despite having the elites’ general approval, Blair remains deeply unpopular for several major disasters that look place under his watch—including leading the nation into both Iraq and Afghanistan, overseeing a major housing crisis and allowing manufacturing to spread overseas at the expense of the UK’s working class—all of which lead one to wonder what the WEF might do under his watch.

Other candidates for the position include current WEF President Børge Brende, the former Norwegian foreign minister. According to some inside sources, “Klaus and Børge really developed a solid tandem working relationship.”

Philipp Rösler, the former German vice chancellor, has also been named as a potential successor.

The WEF plans to enact the shift, and thus likely name Schwab’s successor, by January 2025.

Under Schwab’s watch, the WEF has actively pursued a sort of neo-feudal state embracing precepts like the “Great Reset” and the one-world government—a dystopian technocracy that will put control over the lives of the masses into the hands of a few unelected masters.


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