July 23, 2024
Chicago Mayor Allegedly Treated for ‘Panic Attacks’ over Job Stress, Immigration

Chicago Mayor Allegedly Treated for ‘Panic Attacks’ over Job Stress, Immigration

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, a Democrat, has been taken to the hospital for “panic attacks” stemming from the stress of being mayor, a veteran reporter revealed during a podcast on Jan. 15.

Anita Padilla, Director of Florida’s Voice News, and podcast host John Kass broke this news in the latest edition of the WGN-AM’s Chicago Way Podcast, drawing on information from multiple sources, according to the Post Millennial.

Padilla, who spent 25 years as an anchor in Chicago, said she has received information from sources that Johnson has been treated for panic attacks because he is “stressed out.” 

During a discussion on rampant illegal immigration in Chicago, Kass said: “No amount of anti-depressants can cure him of this problem.”

Padilla concurred, expressing her intent to address the matter, leading Kass to inquire further: “The panic attacks? The mayor’s panic attacks? Can we talk about that?”

“Can we talk about that?” Padilla responded. “Because sources told me, two sources told me that he has been in the hospital for these panic attacks. And he is stressed out because this is a big, big job for him.”

Later in the podcast, Padilla delved into the scathing perception that Johnson lacked leadership qualities for the job. 

“He’s not a leader. I’m sorry. He’s not a leader,” Padilla continued. “A leader. … brings people up and supports them and the Chicago Police are still waiting to see where that comes from. Yeah, he put in a good superintendent. But I still think that he needs to prove himself to the police. You know, where does he stand on that? But this immigration issue? This is not helping him at all this situation.” 

Directly addressing immigration, Padilla said that the mayor should blame Chicago’s sanctuary status rather than Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for bussing illegal aliens into Chicago

Addressing the immigration issue directly, Padilla pointed to Chicago’s sanctuary status as the primary factor driving the presence of illegal aliens, rather than attributing it to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for transporting them into Chicago. 

“When you call yourself a ‘sanctuary city’, you call yourself a ‘sanctuary state’ and guess what’s gonna happen?” Padilla said. “Don’t blame Texas because Texas—if you look at what they’re dealing with, they have a massive influx. We don’t even show the videos on television.” 

In recent months, Johnson and Abbott engaged in a dispute over the transportation of illegal aliens into Chicago, with Johnson suing charter bus companies to restrict their access to the city.

Johnson also urged the Biden administration to act against illegal immigration but focused on advocating for job permits for undocumented individuals in Chicago. 

The city faced criticism following the death of a 5-year-old child in a Chicago shelter for illegal aliens, shedding light on the dire conditions in the self-proclaimed sanctuary city.  

Chicago’s sanctuary status implies non-collaboration with federal immigration authorities for the detention of undocumented individuals.

It isn’t immediately clear whether the Chicago mayor’s office has publicly addressed the panic attack reports.


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