July 19, 2024
As ‘Pride’ Month Critics Prevail, LGBT Activists Take Dark Turn to Doxxing

As ‘Pride’ Month Critics Prevail, LGBT Activists Take Dark Turn to Doxxing

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) As part of a marketing gimmick for “Pride” month, an LGBT-friendly bakery in West Virginia is doxxing dozens of social-media posters by selling cookies with comments that the company deems critical of the gay agenda, along with the photos of the posters, LGBTQ Nation reported.

Charleston’s Rock City Cake Company previously posted pro-LGBT messages to its social-media platforms in solidarity with the local gay community.

In response, many others condemned the bakery for taking an openly woke stance that they found alienating and antithetical to their own values.

“How sad that you support such nasty wickedness,” said one post. “I won’t be supporting you anymore.”

Rather than take the hint that the political posturing was putting off potential customers, though, the bakery opted to double down with its “Sick Freak Cookie Box.”

It printed out the social-media critics’ messages on edible paper, then placed each message atop a bed of buttercream-flavored rainbow icing with a rim of rainbow sprinkles.

The boxes, selling for $30 each, will begin shipping out on June 9, with proceeds benefiting local LGBT-allied nonprofits, said the bakery’s website.

Despite plastering their web pages with platitudes like “Love is Love,” however, the approach taken by the business may have struck some as decidedly vindictive and spiteful. The cookies feature slightly blurred but still identifiable images in an apparent attempt to shame their detractors.

Some supporters gleefully noted as much in a Facebook post announcing the publicity stunt.

“Keeping the picture beside the comment is iconic lol,” said Christy Carpenter, a former financial service representative at City National Bank.

“Keeping the profile pictures is 🤜[right-facing fist],” wrote Ashley Bennett, a lesbian mother of one.

“They have no issue making themselves public with their hate,” Bennett added. “No need to hide now! lol”

“So glad you left their profile pictures up!! ,” said Debbie Edens McClanahan, a retired alumna of West Virginia State University.

Rock City Cake’s owners were slightly more careful to avoid any explicit acknowledgement that the strongarm tactic was designed to suppress dissent—not through dialogue and understanding but through intimidation.

“We as a company, along with many others have received hateful messages/comments, and well … in rock city fashion, we decided to showcase them on a cookie for a good cause,” they claimed.

“If nothing else … [the cookies will] encourage young or closeted LGBTQ+ members that the hate they see spewed online is nothing more than a word on a cookie, and we as a community won’t stand for it here.”

However, their own messaging was rife with us vs. them rhetoric, including a page that invited those outside of the Charleston area to make a donation in support of their efforts.

“I don’t live close, but I hate homophobic people and want to make a donation to a local nonprofit!” it said. The company did not identify what nonprofits it would be donating proceeds to, saying it wished to keep them anonymous.

Although “Pride” month has been quietly celebrated among the gay community for the past three decades, it has taken off in recent years, with displays of sexual perversion and hedonism becoming more prevalent in communities where they have often been met with a frosty reception.

Even large corporations have hopped on board the virtue-signaling bandwagon via LGBT-oriented merchandise and branding that some have found to be highly objectionable, resulting in widespread backlash and boycotts.

With the “Pride” pushback now becoming as much a part of the narrative as the underlying activism, some on the Left have started to rediscover the Marxist principles that underpin their movement—one that wealthy corporations may want to think twice about hitching their brand to.

The Communist Party USA recently heralded the arrival of June by calling on the gay and transgender communities to join its militant struggle against capitalism.

“As fascism threatens the lives of LGBTQ+ people at home, and appeals to their struggles are used to justify imperialism abroad, we must return to the radical roots of Pride,” it said.


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