July 19, 2024
Young Fan in Trump Costume Meets His Hero President at Philly Rally

Young Fan in Trump Costume Meets His Hero President at Philly Rally

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Former President Donald Trump had a touching encounter with a young fan dressed like him at a large Saturday rally in Philadelphia, Pa. 

A video captured the heartwarming moment, showing a child adorned in a symbolic Trump suit, complete with a red tie, a pro-MAGA hat and a blond wig.  

The rally occurred at Temple University, where Trump aimed to win over black and Hispanic voters in the key swing state of Pennsylvania in the 2024 presidential election. 

In the video, shared by Trump campaign spokesperson Margo Martin, Trump is seen addressing the child and another man, seemingly the child’s father. 

“Look at him!” Trump exclaimed, noticing the young fan with tears streaming down his face. 

The former president pulled out a $20 bill and showed it to the fan. “I’m going to make it valuable. We’re going to add some value,” Trump said, proceeding to sign the bill. The child, visibly starstruck, continued to cry. 

Trump then pulled the fan closer, displaying the signed bill and adding, “We love this kid.” Before departing the scene, Trump joked, “If your parents don’t want you, I’ll take you.”

This touching moment occurred as Trump challenges President Joe Biden, the scandal-plagued incumbent facing significant challenges in the polls.

Biden, at 81, is the oldest president in U.S. history, igniting concerns among many voters. 

Countless viral videos have exposed Biden’s physical and cognitive decline, showing him walking oddly, slurring his speech, repeating teleprompter instructions, appearing confused and needing assistance while walking. 

These issues are major obstacles for Biden, who could potentially end up as a one-term president. 


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