July 19, 2024
WH Inadvertently Exposes Biden’s ‘Sundowner’s Syndrome,’ Observers Affirm

WH Inadvertently Exposes Biden’s ‘Sundowner’s Syndrome,’ Observers Affirm

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Another previously undisclosed aspect of President Joe Biden’s physical and mental decline has emerged: Biden is reportedly “dependably engaged” only from 10 am to 4 pm.

Many on social media are suggesting that his symptoms mimic those of “Sundowner’s Syndrome,” a term used to describe behaviors commonly associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Biden’s minimal schedule, first reported by Axios in a piece citing “sources,” contrasts sharply with the excruciatingly long hours typically demanded of the job of the commander-in-chief.

The nation is currently facing an unprecedented influx of illegal aliens, inflation, growing global conflicts and threats of nuclear war. 

According to the outlet, any engagement outside Biden’s 6-hour schedule would likely be marred with “verbal miscues” and the president’s fatigue.

Sara Broadwater, a Republican communications strategist, suggested that Biden’s inability to be alert outside the hours of 10 am and 4 pm resembles the symptoms of her grandparents, who suffered from Alzheimer’s.

“If you care for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you’d know there’s an actual term for this: Sundown Syndrome,” she wrote. “Unfortunately, I have seen it 3 times in my grandparents.”  

She added, “It’s time to acknowledge the charade is over. Being president is not a 6 hour job.” 

Echoing this sentiment, journalist JD Sharp wrote: “What they are describing is called Sundowner’s Syndrome. They just admitted the President Of The United States has dementia, and must be removed from office immediately.” 

Several other conservatives criticized the White House, leftist media and the Democratic Party for hiding these disturbing details about Biden until this week—when his declining mental acuity was exposed to millions of Americans during the debate. 

“We went from ‘these are cheap fakes of Biden’ to ‘he’s only really on his game for 6 hours tops’ in the span of 10 days,” tweeted Siraj Hashmi, a conservative podcast host.

Hashmi’s remarks referred to the White House’s failed rebuttal to several viral videos showing Biden’s forced gait and inability to speak coherently.

Like drawing attention to the White House’s “cheap fake” defense, Republican strategist Kaelan Dorr asked, “Where were these sources a week ago?” 

Others echoed these concerns in various tweets: 


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