April 14, 2024
Twitter Rebukes $83M Defamation Verdict Against Trump: ‘This Is Not America’

Twitter Rebukes $83M Defamation Verdict Against Trump: ‘This Is Not America’

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Supporters of Donald Trump expressed disapproval as a Manhattan jury ordered the former president and GOP presidential front-runner to pay $83.3 million to columnist E. Jean Carroll for defamation. 

The Friday order stems from a lawsuit filed by Carroll after Trump persistently denied any knowledge of her. The jury claimed that Trump acted “out of hatred, ill will, or spite” when he said he “never met” Carroll. Another jury separately determined that Trump sexually assaulted Carroll in either 1995 or 1996. 

As detailed by the New York Post, the substantial payment encompasses $65 million in response to what the jury deemed defamatory remarks, $11 million to aid the accuser in rebuilding her reputation and an additional $7.3 million to compensate for purported pain and suffering.

In a Truth Social post, Trump vehemently criticized the jury’s decision. “Absolutely ridiculous!” said Trump of the case overseen by U.S. District Court Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, a Biden appointee.

“I fully disagree with both verdicts, and will be appealing this whole Biden Directed Witch Hunt focused on me and the Republican Party,” Trump continued. “Our Legal System is out of control, and being used as a Political Weapon. They have taken away all First Amendment Rights. THIS IS NOT AMERICA!” 

Alina Habba, Trump’s attorney, also voiced her sentiments, expressing pride in standing with the former president. “I am so proud to stand with President Trump, but I am not proud to stand up with whatever happened in that courtroom,” she said.

Trump and Habba were not alone in their criticism of the substantial payout, which, according to the New York Times, triggered gasps in the courtroom. 

Founder of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk, asserted: “Let’s be clear: This $83.3 million verdict from New York is not justice. E. Jean Carroll cannot even remember what YEAR she was supposedly ‘raped.’”

He continued, “She has absolutely no public reputation to lose and yet a New York court claims she suffered vast reputational harm because Donald Trump says he never committed a crime that he has never been convicted or even charged with.”

Greg Price, a Twitter personality and conservative journalist, highlighted Democrat billionaire Reid Hoffman, a major donor to the non-profits leading the lawsuit. 

“$83.3 million for defamation for denying an accusation from a crazy person with a completely not credible story in a lawsuit funded by a liberal billionaire,” Price remarked.

Notably, Hoffman made headlines earlier this month when he declined to further fund the presidential campaign of Nikki Haley, who is running against Trump. 

Other critics were equally vocal in their condemnation of the verdict:


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