July 19, 2024
Trump’s Afroman Meetup Generates Buzz as Classic Song Gets 2024 Rewrite

Trump’s Afroman Meetup Generates Buzz as Classic Song Gets 2024 Rewrite

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Former President Donald Trump caused media waves at the Libertarian national convention Saturday when he met up with famous rapper Afroman, who recently mocked the Biden family in a parody of one of his old songs, Newsweek reported.

Afroman is perhaps most famous for his 2001 hit, “Because I Got High.” He is currently undertaking his own presidential campaign with a platform that includes legalizing marijuana, reforming law enforcement and reducing inflation.

Last month, he released a parody of his own song, titling the remake “Hunter Got High,” in reference to Hunter Biden, the drug-and sex-addicted son of President Joe Biden.

The video has received over two million YouTube views in only one month of being posted.

According to Afroman, because of his new hit he “might really be back.”

“This one might take me to the stratosphere,” Afroman suggested after his song led to a meeting with the former president. “I might be singing it at some Trump rallies.”

His viral photo-op with the presumptive GOP nominee had some speculating that Afroman could even have a role in a future Trump administration.

The moment comes as Trump has actively sought to win black and Hispanic voters who traditionally have swung Democrats, including a historic rally last week in the Bronx that roiled leftists.

Trump’s speech for the Libertarian convention was another example of his efforts to expand his outreach beyond the traditional voting base, capitalizing on his ability to campaign to different audiences, some more supportive than others, while President Joe Biden increasingly tries to insulate himself from any potential critics.

Afroman said his new song lampooing the president’s son had received a lot of support, noting that very few people were triggered by it.

“I’ve only seen one negative comment and a lot of laughing faces and thumbs up,” he said. “But the backlash is out there, because the universe has to balance itself out.”

Fortunately for the rapper, the federal government has not yet tried to censor him despite his anti-Biden song and political views.

Though Biden “may be bigger than my song,” if the president’s son or someone in his circles does decide to sue, it’ll be fine “as long as he doesn’t take all the money,” he said.

“He can have some” as the “inspiration” of the song, Afroman added.

Despite announcing his own candidacy in December 2022 and filing last year, he said that if he decides to end his campaign he would likely join the growing list of well-known rappers currently backing Trump—or perhaps stage his own insurrection.

“I might refuse to concede,” he remarked. “You never know, the election might get stolen, man. You gotta watch ’em all the time,” he added, joking.


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