July 14, 2024
Trump Lawyer Lambasts Stephanopoulos Over Biden’s Influence in Trial

Trump Lawyer Lambasts Stephanopoulos Over Biden’s Influence in Trial

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Donald Trump’s attorney, Will Scharf, confronted ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos regarding the partisanship influencing the trials against the former president, including his recent conviction.  

The heated exchange centered on whether politics played a role in the Manhattan trial of Trump. 

“Of course, the attorney general of Manhattan has nothing to do with the Department of Justice,” Stephanopoulos claimed, incorrectly referring to Alvin Bragg’s title. 

Scharf quickly interjected: “I vehemently disagree that the district attorney in New York was not politically motivated here, and I vehemently disagree that President Biden and his political allies aren’t up to their necks in this prosecution.” 

Stephanopoulos countered, “There’s no evidence here of that sir. … I’m not going to let you continue to say that — there’s zero evidence of that.” 

Despite Stephanopoulos’s claims, Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney, ran for office on the pledge to prosecute Trump if elected. He also highlighted his experience in suing the Trump administration during his campaign. 

When Stephanopoulos suggested Scharf had praised the jury instructions, Scharf responded, “I think: Hope for the best, plan for the worst, George. But I think when you look at the totality of the circumstances in this case.” 

He added, “This is a prosecution that should have never been brought. This was a case tried in front of a judge that clearly should have recused. I think we have a lot of fair complaints with the way this trial was conducted and I think ultimately, President Trump will be vindicated on appeal.” 


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