July 14, 2024
‘Tragic’: White Model Faces Disturbing Vitriol After Winning Miss Universe Zimbabwe

‘Tragic’: White Model Faces Disturbing Vitriol After Winning Miss Universe Zimbabwe

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) The crowning of Brooke Bruk-Jackson, a 21-year-old white woman, as Miss Universe Zimbabwe on Sept. 16 has ignited disturbing criticism, with some expressing outrage against the model’s race. 

The pageant, held in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, saw Bruk-Jackson triumph over black contestants Amanda Mpofu and Nokutenda Marumbwa, the Atlanta-Black Star reported on Sept. 22.

The talented model took to Instagram to voice her gratitude to the African country. “I have gained this crown for our beautiful country, to love and to serve our people, to represent Zimbabwe Internationally and to show the world the uniqueness of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans,” she said.

Despite Bruk-Jackson’s personal feat, the victory came as a shock to many who hijacked her social media accounts to voice their racist dissent.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, one Twitter user remarked, “All those beautiful melanted women and you telling me the European woman won a contest for black people!!??” A second unhinged user responded, “Extremely tragic and disappointing! I agree with you.” 

The racist mob hijacked the comments section of her Instagram account, forcing her to disable them. In response to the backlash, Bruk-Jackson attempted to appease the racist critics. 

“The colour of our skin should not define a person or who each person chooses to associate with. Together, we are aligned, a beautiful kind made by god,” she remarked on Instagram on Thursday.

Her post did little to appease the angry critics. “So disappointing to see these colonizers representing an African country,” one person responded, according to the Atlanta Black Star. Another responded, “My ancestors rolling in they graves!!!!” 

Tristan Tate, a social media personality and brother of Andrew Tate, took to Twitter on Friday to defend the new Miss Universe Zimbabwe. “If she’s not allowed to be miss Zimbabwe then every girl from every country should look like an ethnic native,” he said.

Some social media users pointed out a perceived double standard, highlighting that when a black woman won Miss Ireland in 2021, there was no similar uproar. 

“Interesting how a White woman becoming Miss Zimbabwe is not OK, but a Black woman becoming Miss Ireland is the greatest thing ever,” one user said. 


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