June 24, 2024
‘Time to Deport’: GOP Rep. Gives Biden Ultimatum Amid Record Border Arrests

‘Time to Deport’: GOP Rep. Gives Biden Ultimatum Amid Record Border Arrests

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A Republican member of Congress issued a stern message about the Biden administration’s inaction amid rampant illegal immigration at the southern border: “Enough is enough!” 

Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, whose district covers a vast portion of the southern border, expressed in a Sunday interview on Fox News his concerns about the record-breaking numbers of illegal immigration, exposing President Joe Biden’s lack of decisive action on the border. 

Ahead of a border visit by House Republicans, Gonzales emphasized, “Life along the border is turned upside down and that is exactly what the [House Speaker Mike Johnson] and my colleagues are going to see next week. I believe in legal immigration; I believe most of America believes in legal immigration. But what we are not seeing is not that. This is chaos. Enough is enough.” 

The GOP lawmaker, who has endorsed former President Donald Trump for the 2024 election, stated that Biden must start removing illegal aliens or face potential removal from office. 

“It’s time to deport those that illegally come into the United States and President Biden can do that or he can watch and lose and watch the next president enforce those policies on the books,” he added. 

Gonzales, an early Trump endorser, attributed his support of the former president to the Trump administration’s border security policies in a November 2022 tweet.

“Under President Trump, America had a secure border, we were energy independent, and parents had a say in our children’s education. I look forward to President Trump once again righting the ship,” Gonzales said. 

Gonzales’s remarks follow the Biden administration setting alarming records due to the unprecedented influx of illegal aliens at the southern border. 

Since fiscal year 2023, the Biden administration has encountered over 770,000 illegal aliens since Oct. 1, with at least 83,500 known “gotaways” managing to evade apprehension. Particularly striking was the encounter of over 286,000 illegal aliens since Dec. 1—the highest figure in U.S. history, as reported by Fox News.

Speaker Johnson, alongside several other Republicans, is expected to visit the southern border to assess the ongoing chaos, which has prompted both Democrat and Republican governors to implement tough border policies. 

In Arizona, Gov. Katie Hobbs deployed the state’s National Guard to deter illegal aliens. Similarly, in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation allowing local authorities to detain individuals suspected of being in the U.S. illegally. 

“We’re going to be in Eagle Pass. We’re going to be hearing directly from people on the ground. These stories are going to resonate and it is going to lead House Republicans into 2024 as we try to tackle these issues,” Gonzales asserted. 


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