April 13, 2024
The Best Long-Term Plays to Weather Market Headwinds

The Best Long-Term Plays to Weather Market Headwinds

Shah Gilani Feb 24, 2023

The wind in the sails of the “everything rally” is starting to die down as the reality of the Federal Reserve’s “higher interest rates for longer” stance continues to settle in. We could be looking at a fairly significant downturn here, and that means it’s time to rethink what we’re doing with our capital right now.

In my last Total Wealth column, I talked about an unexpectedly good place to park your cash right now – in U.S. Treasury bills. Cash is king again, and getting yields we haven’t seen in over a decade, so click here to read up on that if you’re looking for a reliable store of value for the money you have on the sidelines.

For traditional equities, I’m turning my attention right now to longer-term holds, focusing on high dividend yields. It’s been a trader’s market for a while, and there’s still some money to be made chasing intraday reversals, but it’s time to set up a solid foundation that we can use to protect our wealth as we continue on this downward trend.

In my live show this week, I gave out some of my favorites – one of which has returned literally everything I’ve invested in it from dividend payouts alone. Some of these tickers are depreciating right now because everything is coming down, but that just means it’s an incredible time to pick up a position in them and collect juicy yield payouts while you’re waiting for them to appreciate again.

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