June 24, 2024
Stanford Univ. Now Has 177 DEI Employees

Stanford Univ. Now Has 177 DEI Employees

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Stanford University now employs at least 177 people whose task is to indoctrinate students with DEI propaganda.

This represents an increase of nearly 100 employees in three years, as it was revealed in the 2021 research by the Heritage Foundation that there were 80 DEI staffers at the university during that year.

The current list of 177 indoctrinators was compiled by an anonymous researcher, conservative education activist Christopher Rufo reported.

“Given Stanford’s current trajectory, DEI will likely keep growing. At each step, it will degrade the quality of scholarship and academic rigor. The question is whether dissenters—professors, students and alumni who reject the ideological capture of the university—will have enough power to dislodge more than 100 full-time bureaucrats” Rufo wrote.

He then wrote that the university president probably wouldn’t have the backbone to push back against the woke ideologues.

“Stanford’s new interim president, Richard Saller, was hired in part to moderate ideological influence on campus. But according to sources familiar with Saller in his previous role as dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences, he probably lacks the strength to push back against DEI,” Rufo wrote.

The DEI research included the name and title of each Stanford DEI employee, including 10 different university-level administrators, such as vice provosts, vice presidents, directors and managers and another six DEI officials in the admissions office, the College Fix reported.

The law school, computer science department, neurosciences institute, Graduate School of Business, Haas Center for Public Service and Office of Postdoctoral Affairs all have one or two employees dedicated to spreading the DEI propaganda.

The Stanford School of Medicine went as far as employing 16 different DEI staffers, including a chief DEI officer, senior executive director for DEI, special advisor to DEI programs, associate director of DEI community partnerships, diversity coordinator and senior director of DEI pediatrics.

Additionally, 15 Stanford “IDEAL Initiative” scholars were included in the list. IDEAL stands for “Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access in a Learning Environment.”


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