July 14, 2024
Pro-Palestinian Hecklers Disrupt NYPD Response to Grenade Left in Uber

Pro-Palestinian Hecklers Disrupt NYPD Response to Grenade Left in Uber

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A group of pro-Palestinian hecklers obstructed an anti-bomb squad attempting to reach a grenade left behind in an Uber car by an unknown suspect, the New York Post reported on Saturday. 

The incident unfolded Saturday as individuals marched in support of the Millions March for Palestine in Times Square, leading to the arrest of several individuals for blocking the NYPD from securing the potentially dangerous grenade.

Kaz Daughtry, the NYPD deputy commissioner for operations, shared a disturbing video of the incident on Twitter, emphasizing that those responsible for hindering the responding vehicles should be jailed. 

“Happy Saturday to all! Except the people who thought it was a good idea to block an NYPD ESU vehicle on the way to a bomb threat call. They will be spending their Saturday where they belong – in jail!” he wrote on Twitter, amassing over 125,000 views.

NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell echoed Daughtry’s sentiments on a separate tweet.  “This is dangerous! One day when the ‘call’ is real and people get hurt , then what?” he asked. “I will tell you what…..silence and cowardice from all the people who advocate for protesters to be allowed to disrupt the streets.”

According to the Post, an Uber driver discovered the explosive device in his back seat after dropping off an individual at 42nd Street and 7th Avenue, near Times Square. 

The NYPD has not disclosed further details about the device but issued a public advisory in the late afternoon hours of Friday. 

“Due to police activity, avoid the area surrounding West 42nd Street and 7th Avenue in Times Square. Use alternate routes. Expect a police presence in the area and residual traffic delays,” the NYPD wrote on Twitter.

Law enforcement officials eventually reached the explosive device, the Post reported.  

The discovery of the grenade coincided with the Millions March for Palestine, a protest against Israel’s military operations in the Gaza Strip, where Hamas currently holds several innocent civilians hostage following their October 7 invasion. 

Cuba and Venezuela, both countries governed by Marxists, joined the protest, organizing solidarity marches against Israel.

“#Cuba joins the global mobilization this March 2 in support of #Palestine,” Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez wrote in a Spanish tweet.


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