July 19, 2024
Pelosi Claims Trump’s Family Should Stage an ‘Intervention’ for Him

Pelosi Claims Trump’s Family Should Stage an ‘Intervention’ for Him

(Headline USA) Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., claimed this week that former President Donald Trump’s family should stage an “intervention” for him.

“He knows he’s wacky,” Pelosi told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on Thursday.

“He knows he’s an imposter,” she claimed. “… Everything he says about somebody else, whether it’s a judge in the courtroom, a witness, a juror, a member of Congress, a woman, an opponent in an election—everything he says is a projection of his own shortcomings.”

Pelosi’s rhetoric was, of course, a projection in its own right. Increasingly Democrats have begun to accuse Republicans—and Trump in particular—of the very behaviors in which they themselves are engaging, even down to the act of projecting onto others.

This is not a subconscious psychological avoidance tactic but is, in fact, a deliberately devised strategy taken directly from the socialist playbook.

The former House speaker went on to suggest that the reason those within Trump’s inner circle don’t agree with her diagnosis is because they don’t “love” him enough.

“I do wish there would be an intervention from his family, assuming they love him beyond the resources … that they would intervene,” she said.

She added that Republican Party also needs to stage its own “intervention” with Trump following his meeting with congressional Republicans in Washington, D.C. on Thursday.

“They have become a cult to a thug,” she said about Trump’s visit. “And that is really a tragedy.” 

Pelosi—who was in damage-control mode after a video of her admitting culpability for the Jan. 6 uprising surfaced earlier this week—did her best to deflect blame and pin it back onto Trump. 

The former president and presumptive 2024 presidential nominee met with congressional Republicans on Capitol Hill for the first time since the ill-fated 2021 rally resulted in a disruption to the Joint Session of Congress that was meeting to certify the Electoral College vote for Joe Biden.

Pelosi—who rejected Trump’s offer to dispatch the National Guard ahead of the gathering—referred to Trump’s meeting as a return “to the scene of the crime” and insisted that leftist media outlets make a big deal over it.

“We cannot let this be whitewashed,” she said. 

During his meeting with Republicans, Trump reportedly blasted Pelosi and her daughter, Christine Pelosi.

“Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is a whacko. Her daughter told me if things were different Nancy and I would be perfect together. There’s an age difference though,” Trump allegedly said, according to Punchbowl News’s Jake Sherman.

Trump, who turned 78 on Friday, is six years younger than the 84-year-old Pelosi, who some suspect may have had an affair with John F. Kennedy.

Christine Pelosi responded to the news, calling Trump “unwell, unhinged, and unfit to step foot anywhere near” her mother.

“Speaking for all 4 Pelosi daughters—this is a LIE,” she declared. “His deceitful, deranged obsession with our mother is yet another reason Donald Trump is unwell, unhinged and unfit to step foot anywhere near her—or the White House.”


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