July 14, 2024
O’Keefe Undercover Vid Exposes DEI Sickness Infecting U.S. Air Force

O’Keefe Undercover Vid Exposes DEI Sickness Infecting U.S. Air Force

(Molly BrunsHeadline USA) James O’Keefe, founder of the O’Keefe Media Group, captured an undercover video of a high-ranking employee in the U.S. Air Force’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion admitting that the military branch still mandated DEI trainings despite leading Republican lawmakers to believe otherwise, according to the Gateway Pundit.

Jake Reyna, an operations analyst for the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force called white men “stupid,” said they “definitely suck” and “probably” made the military weaker.

Facing added pressure from Republican oversight following the 2022 election, Reyna said his office contacted workers with diversity-oriented jobs “and got them to sneakily change their title so it doesn’t sound as diversity oriented even though it is.”

He gloated that elected officials did not actually have any genuine power over the military since the permanent bureaucracy could always find ways to dodge any type of accountability.

“We just weaseled around it,” Reyna said. “There’s nothing really they would be able to do.”

Meanwhile, woke, unelected officials with highly partisan motives were able to exert seemingly unlimited control when it came to indoctrinating rank-and-file members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Airmen were unable to opt out of DEI trainings because, according to Reyna, any who did would receive permanent marks on their records. This would affect consideration for promotions and could result in formal reprimands and censures.

Reyna admitted there was little evidence and data backing up DEI policies.

“I don’t know if there’s any specific data you can provide outside of just saying like, yeah, we’re getting more diverse talking about changing officers,” he said.

When prompted, he also conceded there was no evidence that DEI-approved officers performed better than their counterparts.

Deana Heitzman, an official spokesperson with the U.S. Air Force, responded to O’Keefe’s request for comment, but only to note that Reyna was not an official spokesperson.

“This individual was not speaking on behalf of the Department of the Air Force,” Heitzman said. In keeping with mandatory Biden administration policy, her signature included her preferred pronouns.

Many have questioned the Air Force’s illicit use of taxpayer dollars in the past, including for an annual, all-ages drag show on Nellis Air Force Base.

In recent years, the Air Force also implemented “safe spaces” for airmen, promoted “Pride” month and focused on hiring for diversity.


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