July 19, 2024
Navarro Describes Harrowing Conditions in Biden Jail: ‘Lawfare Is Real’

Navarro Describes Harrowing Conditions in Biden Jail: ‘Lawfare Is Real’

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Peter Navarro, the former Director of the Trump White House National Trade Council, has shared details of his chilling experiences at a federal correctional facility after being sentenced for contempt of Congress. 

Navarro, 75, received a four-month prison sentence for citing executive privilege during the partisan Jan. 6 congressional investigation. He spoke extensively to the Daily Caller about his ordeal.

“It’s a dangerous place health-wise,” Navarro told the outlet. “I’m fortunate I don’t take any medicines, because prescription drugs are in short supply at the daily ‘pill line,’ and a lot of inmates needlessly suffer from symptoms that their prescription drugs would otherwise ameliorate.” 

Navarro described being among roughly 200 inmates in close dormitory quarters, noting that a new strain of COVID-19 emerged and spread rapidly. 

The former White House official has observed significant “unnecessary misery” in jail, attributing it to “mismanagement and the callous disregard of laws like the First Step Act by the Bureau of Prisons — prison can break you both mentally and physically, and it certainly doesn’t prepare inmates for success and honest work in the outside world.” 

Navarro mentioned that his access to news is limited but that he manages to watch Fox News briefly. 

He said, “I also read the Economist on a weekly basis to stay abreast of world news (albeit with a globalist spin) and at dawn I catch five minutes or so of CNBC when the rest of the inmates are sleeping so I can check the stock and bond markets — Joe Kernan, Rick Santelli, and Jim Cramer remain favorites.” 

Navarro reported receiving “thousands” of letters, though he claimed that nearly half have been returned by the Biden-led Bureau of Prisons. 

“The most poignant letters — always handwritten — are often from veterans who fought for our country and are appalled at the takeover of our justice system for punitive political purposes,” he said. “Lawfare is real. Lawfare is wrong. They didn’t fight for the right of one political party to put members of the other party in jail. We’re not supposed to act like Communist China or a Banana Republic. But that’s the growing perception of our justice system.” 

Navarro is scheduled for release on July 17. Read the full interview here


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