July 23, 2024
Nashville Woman Who Moved Next to BBQ Restaurant Sues over Smell

Nashville Woman Who Moved Next to BBQ Restaurant Sues over Smell

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A fed-up woman took legal action against a neighboring BBQ restaurant over what she described as an unbearable smell of food. Ironically, the woman reportedly sought to become a partner in the store before filing several complaints.

Jeff Roy, the owner of the Tennessee-based Roy Meat Service, responded by accusing Natalie Castillo — the complainant who has dubbed a “Karen” — of “trying every way she can” to close the store, according to the Tennessean.

As reported by the newspaper, the woman complained that a shed and concrete placed adjacent to her home prompts “fumes of burning wood that permeate” her property. She claimed that the fumes have complicated her asthma.

Roy reportedly purchased the business from a friend of his dad in 2015. The shop serves as a convenient store, restaurant and butcher.

Roy purchased the shop to “carry on the family legacy of serving this community.” He cited his grandfather’s job as an iceman in the 1940s as part of his inspiration. Roy’s uncle worked as a community milkman and his dad ran a store on a local street.

However, Roy’s business has been affected by the nearly 50 complaints filed by Castillo, who reportedly showed interest in investing in the business.

“I told her I didn’t need any partners, and she just started picking at me,” Roy told the newspaper. “And it’s just gone on and on and on.”

After Roy rejected her offer, he was forced to spend over $20,000 on renovations to appease Castillo’s complaints.

“We’ve just been dodging rocks for two-and-a-half years now, and it’s just absolutely been a nightmare. It’s just — sleepless nights, ruined vacations,” Roy complained.

“It really hasn’t hurt us much because every agency, government agency she calls that comes out … they become customers,” he added.

The lawsuit is in the discovery phase, the Tennessean reported.


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