July 15, 2024
NASA Scientists Suggest Recent Global Warming Caused by Clean Air Regulations

NASA Scientists Suggest Recent Global Warming Caused by Clean Air Regulations

(Molly BrunsHeadline USA) NASA scientists recently published a report in the journal Nature detailing the harmful effects of green policies on the environment, according to the Daily Sceptic.

The team of researchers discovered that the spike in global temperatures originated from the extreme climate policies encouraged by organizations such as the World Economic Forum, the United States government and the International Maritime Organization.

The IMO, for example, demanded an 80% cut in sulfur-dioxide emissions from the international shipping industry in a 2020 regulation, resulting in an 80% temperature increase since the start of the decade.

In the years following IMO placement of the regulation, scientists measured the color and density changes in clouds over the ocean as an indicator for the health of the atmosphere.

“While IMO2020 is intended to benefit public health by decreasing aerosol loading, this decrease in aerosols can temporarily accelerate global warming by dimming clouds across global oceans,” the report read.

“IMO2020 took effect in a short period of time and likely has a global impact … Observations of ship-tracks suggest that IMO 2020 has reduced the occurrence and modified the properties of ship-tracks across global oceans, demonstrating that a regulation intended to reduce pollution had collateral effects on cloud microphysics.”

The water droplets in clouds over the ocean shrunk as a result of fewer fuel particles injected into the atmosphere. Smaller, wispier clouds resulted in less solar radiation reflecting back into space and heating up the earth.

Several scientific groups came out against the study, claiming the observation period was too short or that man-made greenhouse gases drive the real issue.

The scientists, working out of the Goddard Space Flight Centre, also said that “the 2023 record warmth is within the ranges of our expected trajectory,” forcing climate alarmists to reevaluate their strategy to induce public panic.


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