June 17, 2024
‘Just a Coincidence’: New Minnesota Flag Draws Backlash for Somali Resemblance

‘Just a Coincidence’: New Minnesota Flag Draws Backlash for Somali Resemblance

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A Minnesota commission tasked with redesigning the state’s flag faced significant backlash on Twitter due to allegations that the new design closely resembled flags from territories in Somalia, an East African country. 

The proposed design includes an eight-point North Star, along with a tricolor stripe (blue, white, and green) symbolizing elements reminiscent of the state’s geography, including mountains, water bodies, and the sky.

The change came after complaints that the old flag was offensive to Native Americans. As reported by the StarTribune on Friday, the commission settled on the new design but will likely undergo further edits in the upcoming days.

However, the final draft came under immediate scrutiny from social media critics who drew parallels between the proposed flag and those of Jubaland and Puntland, two Somali federal states.

In response, a popular conservative account, End Wokeness, posted on Twitter, “Minnesota is home to the largest Somali population in the West. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota) is from Puntland. Minnesota just unveiled their new flag. I’m sure this is just a coincidence.”

In a separate tweet, End Wokeness added, “Minnesota just replaced its official state flag with a new flag that looks awfully similar to Somalia. They are rubbing it in our faces.” 

Political science professor Wilfred Reilly reacted, expressing disbelief, “Holy crap – this is actually real.”  

Similarly, Conservative commentator James Lindsay blasted what he described as a rampant attempt to change the designs of American flags.

“The state-by-state agenda to change state flags is big. Happened first in Utah. Now Minnesota with Pennsylvania up to bat. The revolution is proceeding with what pretend to be reasonable issues,” Lindsay said. 

Former NBA player and GOP Senate nominee hopeful Royce White criticized the proposed flag, alleging a communist plot.

“Now what on earth is going on here? You sick communist freaks redesign the Minnesota state flag… And make a spitting image of the this Jubaland Somalia flag? These are your leaders Minnesota,” said White, who unsuccessfully ran against Omar in 2022. 

“This is why I’m running for United States Senate. How do we even have time for this but the kids can’t read?! I will go to the Somali community with a camera and ask them what they think of these Democrats, including Ilhan Omar,” he added.

While it’s unlikely that Omar had any involvement in the flag’s design, the flags were revealed by a state government-appointed 13-member commission, according to the StarTribune.

Commission chair Luis Fitch, as reported by the StarTribune, defended the new design, acknowledging that not everyone will identify with it. 

“The next generation will be raised with a new flag. It’s going to happen,” Fitch claimed. “We’re not going to be able to make everybody happy. The whole idea since day one was to make sure we can [create] a flag that unites us instead of separates us.”

Other critics made their voices heard on Twitter:


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