April 14, 2024
Jill Biden Taking a More Outsize Role in Governing as Joe’s Mental Alacrity Fails

Jill Biden Taking a More Outsize Role in Governing as Joe’s Mental Alacrity Fails

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) As President Joe Biden’s already-dim mental capacity fades away, concerns have arisen that first lady Jill Biden has taken up a larger role in the leading of the United States, the Conservative Brief reported.

According to the report, Jill Biden attends meetings on behalf of her husband, selects officials for his administration and hides her husband away from events that might tucker him out.

Jill’s increasingly large role was confirmed by several other news outlets, including Radar Online, which reported that the 81-year-old is passing off his duties to his wife because his aides have invented a so-called “bubble wrap” strategy, designed to make sure that he does not trip, fall or mentally crumble in public.

The strategy includes shortening his public walks and having him wear more stable shoes.

History buffs may recall that Edith Wilson, the wife of President Woodrow Wilson, secretly ran the White House following her husband’s 1919 stroke to prevent the “uncouthed” Vice President Thomas Marshall from taking control.

In the case of the Bidens, though, the chief executive seems to be complicit in the bait-and-switch.

A recent report from the Guardian also confirmed Dr. Jill’s dominant position in the household, noting that, as the president has waffled back and forth on running for reelection, his wife has served as his “final gut check.”

Moreover, the report suggested that a former Biden advisor said Jill holds her husband’s hand throughout his daily tasks, but leaves the ultimate decision-making to the president himself.

“She is usually in the room when senior campaign staff is presenting a strategy to her husband,” the former confidant said.

“She will ask questions,” the source added. “But she never weighs in on the decision.”

Political analyst John B. Judis warned that Biden’s mental ineptitude may cost him votes in 2024.

“He doesn’t look and speak the part,” he said, noting that Americans ultimately want the person they voted for to rule, not their spouse.

“I think a lot of voters, and young people in particular, who are not at all put off by his political positions or accomplishments, are put off by his utter failure as a regal persona,” Judis said.

Unfortunately for Biden, Judis added, the problem may not be able to be fixed, and certainly “not by bicycling.”

Biden’s lack of mental and physical stamina is certainly no new concern. From the time he declared for office, he has made gaffe after gaffe, ultimately failing to demonstrate his fitness for office, let alone the highest office in the land.

Ultimately, Judis noted, the incumbent will have to hope that, with help from the corporate media, former President Donald Trump will be seen “as a bad or even evil father who wants to wreck the family.”


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