June 24, 2024
Jill Biden Has to Remind Joe Of His Favorite Food During Softball NYE Interview

Jill Biden Has to Remind Joe Of His Favorite Food During Softball NYE Interview

(Headline USA) First lady Jill Biden had to remind President Joe Biden that his favorite food is ice cream during a bizarre New Year’s Eve interview.

The Bidens appeared on ABC’s Sunday night New Year’s Eve programming for a softball interview with host Ryan Seacrest, who decided to ask about the president’s eating habits, according to the Express.

“I’m curious, what sorts of holiday foods have you been enjoying over the last few days?” Seacrest asked.

“Well, I’ve been eating everything that’s put in front of me,” Joe Biden began.

“But I’ve eaten pasta, which I love,” he continued. “I’ve eaten a lot of chicken—chicken Parmesan. I’ve been eating all Italian foods, basically.”

Jill Biden then cut in, reminding her 81-year-old husband, “And ice cream.”

Joe Biden then agreed: “And ice cream. Chocolate-chip ice cream.”

The interview with Seacrest comes as Joe Biden continues to snub reporters in the White House and on the campaign trail. His last extended solo press conference was in November 2022, and even then Jill Biden was in attendance to help keep her husband on track.

His reelection campaign has similarly been off to a slow start, with the president hosting just three public events thus far.

The slow momentum has led several establishment Democrats to question whether Biden should abandon his reelection bid altogether, especially as new polls show him losing support among key demographics.

Just this week, a USA Today poll showed Biden losing to former President Donald Trump among black, Hispanic and young voters.

The poll found Trump leading Biden by 2 percentage points overall. Among Hispanic voters, Trump is polling at 39%, compared to Biden at 34%. Among black voters, Biden is at 63%, down around 24 points less than in 2020. And among young voters, Trump holds 37% of the support compared to Biden’s 33%.


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