April 14, 2024
Is Disgraced Andrew Cuomo Trying to Reinvent Himself as ‘MAGA’ Mayor?

Is Disgraced Andrew Cuomo Trying to Reinvent Himself as ‘MAGA’ Mayor?

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Andrew Cuomo, the disgraced former governor of New York, called out President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party over their non-existent border policy, particularly as the nation grapples with growing illegal immigration. 

In a Thursday op-ed for the Hill, Cuomo asserted that the border chaos has unveiled the “ineffectiveness and schisms” within Democratic ranks. 

“President Joe Biden’s administration has not been able to solve the migrant problem, primarily because of the divided opinion within our own party,” Cuomo wrote on Thursday.

“What is our border policy, and how did we expect to handle the 2 million immigrants and asylum-seekers who came over the border, and are continuing to come?” he questioned.  

“Right now there is no Democratic policy or plan and Americans know it, highlighting Democrats’ governmental ineffectiveness and the ideological divides in our party,” he said.

Cuomo acknowledged that even Democratic governors, including New Jersey’s, have refused buses carrying illegal aliens from the southern border. He appeared to call out New York state politicians’ attempts to contain the border crisis in New York City.

“The migrants are housed almost exclusively in New York City. Democratic legislators and executives in other parts of the state, fearing political opposition, have been unwelcoming. New York’s governor also fears the political fallout and has chiefly focused on containing the migrants to New York City,” he wrote.

Cuomo’s border critique coincides with growing speculation that he is considering a political comeback by challenging New York City Mayor Eric Adams in the 2025 election.

Adams, currently under federal investigation for potential campaign finance violations, is experiencing low poll ratings. Cuomo resigned as governor in 2021 following disturbing allegations of sexual harassment. 

Although Adams hasn’t been directly implicated in the investigation stemming from alleged foreign donations, Cuomo is purportedly indicating his intent to run for mayor if Adams “sinks under the weight of a federal investigation,” Politico reported in November 2023.

Yet, in the op-ed, Cuomo appeared to acknowledge Adams, alleging that he has been left to grapple with the issue of illegal aliens alone. “Mayor Eric Adams stands virtually alone in accepting the migrants, which has caused significant hardship to his city, and caused the mayor himself much political damage,” Cuomo continued.


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