June 24, 2024
Illegals Now Flooding San Diego after Abbott’s Successful Crackdown

Illegals Now Flooding San Diego after Abbott’s Successful Crackdown

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) The sentiment among illegal aliens now targeting San Diego as their preferred point of entry into the U.S. seems to be “come one, come all.”

In the second week of May, Border Patrol agents apprehended a staggering 8,016 individuals, according to data reviewed by the New York Post from the regional CBP office.

Two weeks earlier, Border Patrol agents arrested 10,023 illegal immigrants.

In April, San Diego recorded the highest number of illegal alien apprehensions for the second consecutive month, with over 35,490 arrests, according to the New York Post.

This marks the first time San Diego has reached such a record since the 1990s.

Experts attribute this surge to human smugglers’ efforts to avoid Texas’s new stringent immigration laws.

“Mexican authorities have put a lot of pressure on key migration routes to Texas, and that may be forcing people to try other routes further west,” said Chris Ramon, a senior advisor on immigration for the Latino civil rights organization UnidosUS, in remarks to the Los Angeles Times.

He added, “Migration is a dynamic phenomenon, and people are going to adjust and find the circumstances where they have the best chance to reach the United States.”

In response to the Biden administration’s perceived inaction, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has introduced several laws aimed at curbing the unprecedented levels of illegal immigration.


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