July 15, 2024
‘Homeless’ UPenn Rioter Was Actually Daughter of Wealthy TV Filipino Star

‘Homeless’ UPenn Rioter Was Actually Daughter of Wealthy TV Filipino Star

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) One of the anti-Israel student protesters at the University of Pennsylvania complained about how the university left her “homeless,” after placing her on mandatory leave, even though she comes from a very wealthy family in the Philippines

Eliana Atienza’s father, Kim Atienza, is better known as “Kuya Kim,” a celebrity television presenter who has hosted the country’s most popular morning and game shows, the Washington Free Beacon’s investigation into the family revealed.

Her grandfather — a prominent Filipino politician Lito Atienza — served as deputy speaker of the country’s House of Representatives until 2022. After that, he launched a bid for vice president as the running mate of boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao.

Atienza’s mother is a Wharton School graduate who founded and led the Chinese International School Manila, a private K-12 institution.

Atienza’s father never bothered to cover up the incredible wealth of the family. On his Instagram account, he’s been bragging about it by sharing photos from a lavish first-class flight, which boasted caviar service and a full shower.

Atienza’s father, who was previously described as one of the Philippines’ “most recognizable television presenters,” also has been giving tours of his home on live television, showcasing his rare collections of dinosaur eggs, “mid-century modern chairs” and vintage motorcycles, including two BMW bikes used during World War II, the news source reported.

Additionally, Atienza herself highlighted her family wealth by posting photos from a very expensive trip to Antarctica in January 2024, just months before her forced leave of absence.

All of that didn’t stop the university sophomore from portraying herself as a homeless college student after Penn ordered her to “separate from the university” on May 9, 2024. She also lied by saying she didn’t “have any family to go back home to.”

Atienza also called herself a victim of “administrative violence” on Instagram.

“I live on campus. The university has barred me from entering. In other words—the university has made me houseless. I am also an international student. The University knows this. This is their weapon. So disappointed to be attending an institution that resorts to administrative violence,” she said.


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