July 19, 2024
Hamas Thanks College Protesters, Says They Are Part of ‘Flood’ to Annihilate Jews

Hamas Thanks College Protesters, Says They Are Part of ‘Flood’ to Annihilate Jews

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) A senior Hamas official thanked American student protesters for expressing their now-infamous Jew hatred on college campuses, likened the wave of student occupations and encampments to Hamas’ Oct. 7, 2023, attack on Israel and said that Jews should be “annihilated.”

Senior Hamas official Khaled Mashal made his comments on May 18, 2024, which were translated from Arabic by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

”We thank the great student flood that emerged from the American, European and Western universities. We have an opportunity to defeat Israel, Allah willing. We have an opportunity to dismantle the Zionist enterprise. We have an opportunity to change the world,” he wrote.

Mashal also explicitly stated that one of the terrorist organization’s goals is to “annihilate” the Jews.

”And to make Palestine a blessing to mankind, by annihilating the Zionists and their sinful enterprise,” he added.

Mashal also mentioned several “major steps” that are “required” from those protesting against Israel for Palestine.

The first step is to “continue what you started immediately following October 7,” he said.

“Continue your financial Jihad. We want a continuous financial Flood, in support of Gaza, to provide the people shelter, aid and food, in support of the mujahideen, and in order to buy weapons for them,” he said.

Mashal also encouraged the pro-Hamas radicals to “siege” Israeli and American embassies.

”We want constant rage that will stop this aggression. We want a media Flood that will deliver its message. We want the truthful Palestinian narrative to reach far and to control all social media platforms and all forums. We want a legal Flood, like in the Hague. We should prosecute the criminal killers. We stand by South Africa and the countries that have now joined it – Turkey, Libya, and Egypt,” he said.

Mashai then talked about the second step, saying that people should “want to become involved in the battle of Jihad and resistance.”

”Today, we have a greater duty to do more than all we have done before. Indeed, on several fronts, there is blessed participation in the Jihad, and we are grateful to the people behind it. We want total integration in the battle on the ground. Today, we want a Flood of Jihad and resistance. It is good for Mankind because annihilating the Zionists is good for humanity as a whole,” he said.


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