June 24, 2024
DOJ Treating Satanic Cult ‘764’ Like a Criminal Gang

DOJ Treating Satanic Cult ‘764’ Like a Criminal Gang

(Ken Silva, Headline USA) The U.S. legal system typically limits prosecutors from mentioning a defendant’s ideological beliefs or affiliations, so as not to prejudice a jury.

But in the case of Richard “Rabid” Densmore—who faces charges of aiding and abetting the sexual exploitation of a child, conspiring to sexually exploit a child, coercion and enticement, and possession of child pornography—his affiliation with the Satanic cult 764 is a key piece of evidence that a jury needs to know, according to the Justice Department.

Accordingly, the DOJ said this week that it intends to have FBI agent Jason Hall testify about the 764’s history, Densmore’s affiliation with 764, and what Densmore did as a member of that group.

The DOJ has explained in court filings that “764” is an offshoot of the Order of the Nine Angles, or O9A—a neo-Nazi accelerationist group involved in multiple terrorist plots. According to the Justice Department and others, O9A has a terroristic goal in mind: to corrupt the youth, which will accelerate the collapse of Western society.

The reason Densmore’s affiliation with 764 is so important, the DOJ said, is to prevent him from claiming that he accidentally or unknowingly possessed child porn. Citing analogous gang affiliation cases, the DOJ argued in its brief that jurors are entitled to see that Densmore was not pretending and was not 764 in name only.

“This case takes place in the 764 universe … Densmore exploited minors and sought exploitative material as reputational currency to gain notoriety within communities that prize such content. Densmore did not work alone; rather, he conspired with and aided and abetted another member of his 764- affiliated Discord server to sexually exploit, and coerce and entice, a minor,” the DOJ said in a filing Monday.

“Without the critical contextual evidence of Densmore’s affiliation with groups that deliberately target children for CSAM and self-harm content, the jury will be misled into believing—including based on Densmore’s self-serving statements that he is not a pedophile—that Densmore did not intend to obtain sexually explicit material from Victim 1 or that he did not knowingly and intentionally possess child pornography,” the DOJ added.

“In this way, Densmore’s group affiliation is both a prelude to and completes the story of the charged offenses.”

The DOJ said it intends to introduce some graphic evidence, including images of young girls who cut “764,” “Sewer” and “Rabid”—the latter two names referring to Densmore’s online chatroom and his nickname, respectively—into their skin. While the defense may argue that such evidence is inflammatory and prejudicial, the prosecutors reiterated that it’s necessary to prove their case against Densmore.

“These images are necessary to prove the sincerity of Densmore’s 764 affiliation; to correct any confusion that the jury may have about whether Densmore was playacting, role playing—common in these online communities—or somehow skirting the edges of 764 activity,” the DOJ said Monday.

“The jury should know that Densmore was an adherent who followed 764’s aims of victimizing children through the specific means of obtaining [child porn] and self-harm content.”

Densmore is set to stand trial on August 5.

The FBI initially executed a search warrant on his home in February 2023, finding child porn and other material related to the 764 cult.

For some reason, Densmore was a free man for another 11 months.

Then, after he was arrested on Jan. 29, a judge let him loose on bail. Densmore’s bail was revoked after the DOJ filed an emergency motion about the matter.

At first, he agreed in March to plead guilty to one count of sexual exploitation of a minor in a deal with the DOJ. But sometime over the next few weeks, he apparently changed his mind, and his lawyer withdrew from the case in early April.

Other 764 Cases

Densmore is one of a slew of O9A- and 764-affiliated Satanists to be prosecuted in recent months.

The government’s crackdown on the above-mentioned Satanic pedophile groups started in November 2021, when the FBI arrested 764 member Angel Almeida. Details of Almeida’s 764 activities weren’t made public until records about his case were unsealed late last year.

More recently, the Justice Department filed charges in December against another 764 member, Kalana Limkin, for allegedly promoting child pornography, sexual extortion, and trafficking, animal cruelty and self-harm of minors.

Additionally, U.S. Marshals arrested 764 member Kyle Spitze in February on child porn charges. Spitze’s disturbing story can be read here.

Also in February, Canadian police announced the arrest of a 14-year-old male who was affiliated with 764.

Ken Silva is a staff writer at Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/jd_cashless.


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