July 19, 2024
Democrats ‘Biden-Proof’ Campaigns amid Potential 2024 Defeat, Tanking Polls

Democrats ‘Biden-Proof’ Campaigns amid Potential 2024 Defeat, Tanking Polls

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Democrats in key congressional races are strategically distancing themselves from President Joe Biden, their increasingly unpopular 81-year-old leader

According to a Tuesday report by Axios, several Democratic lawmakers are avoiding any association with Biden in their campaign strategies, as numerous polls suggest Biden could be headed for a potential single-term presidency.

There is “more distancing now as his numbers continue to tank,” a House Democrat facing a tough re-election told the news outlet.

Another Democrat hinted at a growing trend, saying there is “always an element where you run your own race,” but “now it’s even more pronounced.” 

Axios reported, “Democratic incumbents, candidates and operatives told Axios many Democrats in tight congressional races are maintaining their independence from Biden without publicly rejecting him.” 

This new strategy—described by Axios as “Biden-proof”—comes as Biden’s administration faces severe criticism for the chaos at the southern border, rampant inflation and escalating global conflicts. 

Last month, 15 House Democrats criticized Biden for his lack of decisive action in stopping the out-of-control illegal immigration at the border. 

The lawmakers urged Biden to “immediately take further action to restore order at the Southern border and fix our broken immigration system.” 

Despite their pleas, the Biden administration has been accused of exploiting an asylum program by canceling the cases of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, allowing them to remain in the U.S. without consequences. 

According to the New York Post, the Biden administration has canceled the asylum cases of 350,000 illegal aliens, effectively giving them free rein to stay in the country. 

Adding to Biden’s woes, several polls from FiveThirtyEight indicate that Trump is leading the 2024 general election race by an average of at least one point, showcasing the growing dissatisfaction with Biden’s leadership.


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