June 24, 2024
Dem. Says ‘Vegetables Would Rot’ If Illegals Won’t Be Collecting Them

Dem. Says ‘Vegetables Would Rot’ If Illegals Won’t Be Collecting Them

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) On Jan. 11, 2024, Rep. Jerry Nadler, DN.Y., tried to justify the mass illegal immigration into the United States by making a racist argument.

During a House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security and Enforcement hearing, Nadler used his opening statement to criticize Republicans by claiming that only Democrats are interested in solving the problem with the wide-open border and illegals coming through it.

When it was time to provide specific examples of that, Nadler said that the reason why illegals should be allowed to flood the country is because there must be someone who would pick crops and, specifically, vegetables that would rot without them.

“We need immigrants in this country. Forget the fact that the farm — vegetables would rot in the ground if they weren’t being picked by many immigrants — many illegal immigrants!” he said.

In addition to that, Nadler went on to spread the idea of the Great Replacement of white Americans — the supposed conspiracy theory that was branded as such by the leftist establishment, in general, and mass media, in particular.

“The birth rate in this country is way below replacement level, which means our population is going to start shrinking, and the ratio of people on Social Security and Medicare is going to increase, relative to the number of people supporting them. This is a problem faced by every major country in the world. Few countries, however, have the means to solve this problem through immigration,” he added.

Nadler then went on to gaslight the white American population by saying that they are “lucky” for being in a situation like this.

“People want to immigrate to the United States. They do not want to immigrate to China or Russia. We are very lucky in that respect, and we should promote it,” he said.


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