July 23, 2024
Delta Airlines Worker Goes Viral after Standing Up to Pronouns Nonsense

Delta Airlines Worker Goes Viral after Standing Up to Pronouns Nonsense

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A Delta Airlines employee went viral on Twitter after standing up to a transgender individual who claimed they had been misgendered. 

The video, apparently filmed by transgender influencer Tommy Dorfman three days before Christmas, shows a New York City-based Delta front desk employee in an altercation with the transgender individual.

Dorfman, a 5’11 social media personality and actor, uses female pronouns. In the video, Dorfman can be seen interrupting the Delta worker as he attempted to assist another client.

“You just misgendered again,” Dorfman said in the video, initially posted on TikTok.  

“Yes,” the employee replied, to which Dorfman sarcastically interrupted, “Multiple times. Both of you have.” 

The employee pleaded with the transgender individual by saying, “[It] wasn’t intentional, but if you want to take it personal…”

Pointing to another Delta worker, the transgender individual responded, “Well, she did do it intentionally twice.” However, the second employee, not pictured in the video, responded, “I did not do it intentionally.”

Despite the Delta workers’ plea, the transgender individual continued to accuse them of misgendering: “You said, ‘She,’ and then ‘He.’” 

The worker grew impatient as Dorfman continued to complain of the alleged misgendering. “You’re being condensing. And if you want to continue, I will have Port Authority escort you out [of] the building right this moment, if you want to play that game.”

He added, “Would you like to continue three days before Christmas, I really don’t mind.” 

Dorfman has been vocal about being transgender, discussing both in interviews and on social media about taking estrogen. 

According to the Post Millennial, Delta Airlines has publicly embraced transgenderism, going as far as offering pronouns to those who self-identify as either male or female. 

“Delta customers will now be able to select X (Unspecified) or U (Undisclosed) in addition to M (Male) and F (Female) to identify their gender in Delta’s travel systems. Customers will also be able to select an ‘Mx’ title,” Delta claimed, according to the Post Millennial. 

The video has been widely shared on Twitter, with many conservative commentators saying they will donate to the Delta worker if he is reprimanded for the altercation. 

“If this man gets fired, I’ll pay two months of his salary while he finds a new job. Half this country is making themselves intolerable to even interact with,” posted Not The Bee, the sister site of the Babylon Bee, both of which are owned by Seth Dillon.

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