April 14, 2024
De Blasio’s Married Lover Ignoring Hubby of 12-years Amid Affair Scandal

De Blasio’s Married Lover Ignoring Hubby of 12-years Amid Affair Scandal

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) The New York Post reported on Friday that former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was caught dating a married woman, who, in turn, is now not answering her doctor husband’s calls 

Owen Stark told the newspaper he’s working to salvage his 12-year marriage with Kristy Stark. However, she seems too occupied cruising New York City streets with de Blasio.

“Kristy is still the most amazing woman I’ve ever met,” the seemingly estranged husband told the NY Post. “The only thing that’s ever mattered is what she wants.”

The news outlet asked the man whether he would take Stark back despite reportedly dating de Blasio, to which he responded, “Of course. She’s the mother of my children.” 

Chirlane McCray, the former New York City first lady, did not respond to questions about her now-separated husband’s affair with the married woman. Notably, McCray and de Blasio announced their separation earlier this year.

On the other hand, Owen Stark said he is unsure whether his wife will stay in New York City or return to Michigan, where the couple lives, according to the NY Post

“I never enforce demands on her. She does what she wants,” he said of de Blasio’s new partner. 

Owen Stark also said he does not think the relationship between his wife and de Blasio might be serious, considering the duo recently met.

“I don’t think they’re at that point yet,” he said. “I don’t think it’s been going on for very long. They met at some entrepreneur incubator thing, it might have been in Boston. It was probably within this year.” 

Owen Stark’s remarks come six months after de Blasio’s separation from his wife of 30 years became public.

De Blasio and McCray gained notoriety when De Blasio became New York City mayor in 2014. In the following years, the influential couple was likened and compared to the Obamas.


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