July 19, 2024
Dangerous Mexican Illegal Causes Deadly Crash, Listed as ‘White’ in Jail

Dangerous Mexican Illegal Causes Deadly Crash, Listed as ‘White’ in Jail

It was also reported that he had multiple arrests to his name and has left and re-entered the U.S. more than a dozen times, Blaze Media reported.

Just over a week ago, Ignacio Cruz-Mendoza, a 47-year-old Mexican, was driving a semi-truck down southbound I-285, a two-lane highway in a mountainous area of Colorado about 30 miles west of Denver, with witnesses claiming he was driving very fast, the news source added.

Cruz-Mendoza attempted to pass several cars. As a result of his side-swiping the cars before losing control of the truck and rolling over, he caused his haul of pipe and angle iron to come crashing down on five other vehicles.

Two people were hurt during the crash and one of them is in critical condition. A 64-year-old Scott Miller, a truck driver, husband, father and grandfather, died because of the crash.

Cruz-Mendoza was arrested at the scene and initially charged with multiple felonies, among which were vehicular assault and vehicular homicide. The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, however, has since reduced those charges to one count of careless driving resulting in death and three counts of careless driving resulting in injury, all of which are misdemeanors, the news source said.

Current evidence did not support the felony charges, according to the DA’s office. Further charges may be added pending the outcome of the investigation from Colorado State Police.

Cruz-Mendoza was assessed a bond of $50,000. He currently remains in custody at Jefferson County Jail. It was also discovered by the news source that online jail records listed his race as white.

This arrest was not the first time when Cruz-Mendoza broke the law. More than two decades ago, he was arrested in Oregon on a charge related to drug trafficking. In addition to that, he also has at least one conviction for speeding and operating without lawfully required equipment.

Cruz-Mendoza has either been deported or returned to Mexico voluntarily at least 16 times since 2002. The most recent deportation happened just at the end of last month, on May 29, 2024.


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